RASA Membership

RASA members are lawful residents of the United States, Canada, Mexico, European Union, Great Britain, Israel, Switzerland, Norway, Japan, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, or South Korea, who support the purposes of the organization, and who pay their dues. Members are authorized to vote at the RASA meeting as per the RASA Bylaws. 

Eligible individuals can self-nominate or be nominated by a RASA member using the MEMBERSHIP FORM. The Membership Committee reviews nominations. For more details, refer to the Membership Guidelines presented in the bottom of this page.

The Board of RASA has established the following membership dues:

  • $ 25 – early career (graduate student, postdoc, etc.)
  • $ 50 – regular level
  • $ 100 – full professor or equivalent outside of academia

In exceptional circumstances, the RASA membership committee may propose adjustments to the dues for certain members. Additionally, contributions towards the association’s development are always welcome.

You can pay the dues using PayPal by sending the payment to the following email address: inforasausa@gmail.com. Alternatively, if you prefer to make a payment by check, please contact us at this email address and we will provide you with the necessary instructions.

RASA Membership Guidelines