RASA is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization, established in Brookline, MA in 2010. We are a vibrant and diverse network of Russian-speaking scholars, students, and science and technology entrepreneurs from the former USSR. Our mission is to maintain, strengthen, and develop a common intellectual and cultural space.

Our objectives are four-fold:

  1. Knowledge Exchange: We facilitate the exchange of knowledge and best practices in science and education.
  2. Expertise Provision: We provide scientific expertise to the community and the public.
  3. Collaboration: We foster collaborations among our members.
  4. Professional Development: We enhance the professional development of scholars.

RASA is actively involved in a wide range of impactful activities. These include an all-discipline scientific conference, the prestigious RASA George Gamow® award, and the support of a multimedia platform. We also provide a mechanism for mentoring and supporting scientists-at-risk from Russia, Ukraine, and other countries. Through these initiatives, we strive to make a positive impact on the scientific community and beyond.

  • RASA Annual Conference and George® Gamow Award. RASA conferences are yearly gatherings of Russian-speaking scientists and academics from various disciplines. Each conference offers plenary lectures and panel presentations on diverse topics and celebrates the anniversaries of notable scientists. At the conference, the George Gamow® award is presented to recognize the outstanding achievements of the Russian-speaking scientific diaspora. The award is established in honor of the eminent Russian-American physicist George Gamow (1904-1968).
  • T-invariant https://www.t-invariant.org/en/ is a multi-media platform for Russian-speaking scientists in the United States and other countries. It provides uncensored and diverse information and analysis on global issues related to science, state policy, and academic community. It also exposes and counters the processes that undermine and persecute academic institutions and professionals, and promotes objectivity, peace, progress, and human rights.
  • RASA Networking and Mentoring Mechanism for Scholars in Need is a project that aims to support scholars who had to leave their countries because of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the ensuing conflict and/or persecution. The project offers the Science Community Website https://russaccom.org that enables advisees to connect with Russian-speaking scholars from different fields and regions who can provide them with valuable professional advice free of charge.